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Join our community of coders, crytpo veterans and experienced company builders. We invest in humans ultilizing the Blockchain in order to disrupt the status quo.

Our Vision

Every generation has a shot at changing the world. We believe Blockchain technology is the unparalleled disruptive force that can power ours. The greatest innovations grow in a network that shares the vision behind it. Investing in the Blockchain community means investing in the future of our world. This is what Catena stands for.

Our Mission

To unleash your potential, we go beyond. To unleash the Blockchain's potential, it is our mission to go beyond bringing the brains, visionaries and enthusiasts in the space together: We provide funds and Blockchain-specialized resources for building viable businesses based on industry- and infrastructure-changing products and services.

Actively Sourcing

From groundbreaking Blockchain technology to fiat products useful to the crypto and Blockchain community now

  • Smart Contracts
  • KYC solutions
  • Crypto for the masses
  • Proptech
  • Blockchain scalability
  • Identity management
  • AdTech
  • Community products


Bullish on Blockchain


  • Funding


  • Startups


  • Programs


  • Cryptotank

Recent Investments

Incubator Portfolio Companies

Catena Portfolio Company Herdius


Catena Portfolio Company Cryptonator1337


More announced soon.

Our Team

Hands-on, down to earth. Startup veterans, Blockchain enthusiasts, Crypto Investors. Here for one reason: to help you succeed.

Miriam Neubauer Catena Capital

Miriam Neubauer

  • Managing Director
Michael Ambros Catena Capital

Michael Ambros

  • Partner
Catena Capital

Someone someone

  • Partner
Fabian Spielberger Catena Capital

Fabian Spielberger

  • Partner

Our Partners and Network

Best mentors and partners across Legal, BizDev, ICO Marketing, Community Managment, Mining and Technology.

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Markgrafenstr. 11, 10969 Berlin


In it together - Co-working in the heart of Berlin


  • All-inclusive amenities (Wifi, refreshments, common areas)
  • Tunnelvision, inspiration & fun


  • Be surrounded by other AAA teams in the Blockchain space
  • Get product feedback, discuss trends and latest industry news


  • Evening events
  • Mentor sessions
  • Demo days